Stabbed in the eyes with a crackpipe

by Psychiatric Regurgitation

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johnny jaco
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johnny jaco Discovered this band through DJ Raven from the Dungeon KNON 89.3FM. Nice album title and cover. Favorite track: Stabbed in the eyes with a crack pipe.
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released August 24, 2012



all rights reserved


Psychiatric Regurgitation Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: Stabbed in the eyes with a crack pipe
Voracious mal-contempt forlorn, A deities corporation tall, Drug induced, Now is sent to be, God of drugs, Sequencing the dreams
Baked in heavens field of dope, Our crack pipes will be filled.

Dope man on the corner, Creating a diversion, Ripped off times
before. Revenge is what’s in store.

Stabbed in the eyes,….Murdered, blinded, by your own, Customers have snapped against you
Stabbed in the eyes with a crack pipe
Track Name: Homicidal enslavement
A plague of druglords surrounds your crackhead friends,In search to find you he takes a crackheads life
He sliced through intestines, blood sprays upon the suit and tie,Let this be a message to never cross the mob

Your dead friends laying on bloodstained carpets found in your bedroom rotting alive, Why clean the blood?
Your crackhouse reeks of dead bodies anyway. His head split open, his guts dropped out when his bowels hit the floor. To lazy to clean it, so your keep him around as a reminder to pay the supplier

Desperate indeed, the will to survive runs thin, Still broke and fiending, No money for food or crack
Dead body still sits there amongst your filthy bedroom, hey, why not eat him? Got nothing better to do

Razorcut through slices of skin, blaze them up within the frying pan, And munch on the fried skin layered chunks
Roast the kidneys in the crockpot, pre-heated, now turning to rot, Slow cook to savor the taste
Cutting off all of his fingers, Put them on the bar-b-que grill, Then place between a hot dog bun
Roast kidneys and fried skin topped with fingermeat hot dogs, Makes for a very tasty meal

A homicidal enslavement brought to you, A blessing in disguise, A feast for you to chew
The mob attempted to make an example out of him, By wanting me to pay, I ripped them off
They thought they got the best of me, They did me a favor by giving me a feast
Track Name: Crystaline tropane alkaloid
A worship from all, the rest will decay, A person who leads life in such filth, A direction maintained, by profound ways
A desire to rip a whores guts out, The truth is given through, a lie is now received, A whore’s taking the void of severance
Now victim to me, attempting to leave, The sanity that has enslaved me forlorn...

Her fate will replay, in the eyes of the chosen one, Her death in dismay, as I take away her life

I now clamp down her arms and dissect straight into her veins, Cleansing the heroine, this whores claim to fame
I’ll stab straight through her lungs and rip into her worthless brain, To infiltrate where her crack and her drugs still remain
Listless eternity, Her fate eternally, Ominous internally, You fucking whore!

She stole all my drugs, a lesson now learned, So I took her life and got them back from her. She took my whole stash and smoked
it all up. So I ripped into her to see what was left, I drained all her blood and drank it with pride, In hopes for the opium to hit me
The whore was diseased, I had my revenge, In enjoyed what I took from her, her life...

Now her life is gone, her body still remains, Why not take that shit too, since there’s nothing left to do
I ripped off her skirt, and fucked her blue lifeless corpse, I had the time of my life, Grabbed a crackpipe as I started fucking her
Smoked some crack and shared it with my dead girlfriend,

Now I’m high as fuck, she never looked so good
Dead and covered in blood, about to be covered in splooge

I fucked her cunt so hard, so dry it tore the skin, Tore it straight off my cock, I licked the blood off her scrawny crackwhore tits
Her rotting cunt so nice, I came inside.

The burning eternal high
Track Name: Murder in the crackhouse
A police crossline, is stretched across the yard, It yields “do not enter/crime scene”, A drive-by shooting run, a hail of fire from
guns. Vast bullets sprayed across the neighborhood, My aim in their direction, means for finance protection, A cornerstone in
vengeance payback, You’ll bleed throughout infliction, Your life for my addiction, You’ll pay for the times you ripped me off before

The prosecutions witness, A crack heads former mistress, A closed case now trial by fire
The mind in numb frustration, out now on murder vacation, In hiding from the laws who seek me,

A path of genocide, in front of which I cried, My former home forever abandoned, I miss the good old times, of shorting cocaine
lines and shooting up inside that crack house, But friends now enemies, now blessed upon red seas, Now returning to the streets
before me. United we are alone, there is no place like home, I’ll miss that cock-roach infested haven

So many parties and times we blacked out, So many crackhead whores, Maggots crawl throughout the dirty dishes
And stale beer is the stench, Spiderwebs in corners and hallway walls, Rotting furniture, rotting walls, No running water,
so toilet does us no good, Instead we shit and piss on the rug.
My rotting home is gone, but memories remain. It was my haven for smoking rocks
Track Name: Smoke crack, worship Satan, kill people
A church adored in the eyes of crackhead fiends, A life to mend into this new philosophy, The brink of error decided in fate
The purest form to worship is to elevate your drug addiction, Put on the robes and go to the church, Bow to the alter of Satan’s
grandest purity, Light up and rock and say a prayer, Pray unto the darkest lord and smoke some crack to show your faith

The flesh of our lord, To smoke unholy rock, The wine and the blood, Makes up the crack pipe form

So spread the word and join the cult, Satanic mormons, door-to-door, reaching out to save this world, Satanic bibles passed out
at schools. With crack pipe samples found inside, practice what you preach in cocaine, Bless the spirit who smokes with pride
The sacrament of our religion paves the way for future junkies, On the 7th day, our dark lord said
“Let there be crack, lots of hookers that take it anal and love death metal”.

In the name of our lord, Smoke crack and worship
Satan. In the temple of our lord, our crack house.

A place of worship and sacrifice
Destination to be “saved” in the next life. Where crack is forever and eternal
Track Name: 13 addictions and 5 STDs
Female fiend contortion, The right to die remains, Clinical purpose to consume, The craving for addiction 13 addictions and 5 std’s

A whore of disease, plague, and rage. This walking scum of your town, A pestilence to persist black, Induced through toxicology
If life or death could matter to me, Would I still live as scum? Victim or a senseless crime, Defend my morals to serve or die
Cannot be faint to my decisions

Sexual contamination, Clasp to human nature, A rising count in numbers, The rest to freeze in stone (x2)

Consisting all, of selfish persistence, One more hit to take, in form complete, As if life mattered, never to her
A vanquished trail of life, to subsidize

A walking hooker, an addict whore, A vile creation in human form, Approach to suffer, amends disease, Another needle, the
need to feed,

A sickened life that’s left to be, A turn for worse through what you need, A diseased whore in family tree, A perfect
life that’s left behind, Through crack cocaine, find peace of mind, Survival tied the snorting lines,

Myself, my flesh, my victim
Your plague, your life, no reason (x2),

Incarcerated, to return the key, A locked door to enslave the weak, Rest assured,
you will find a day
Track Name: Schizophrenic withdrawl syndrome
Bloody chunks of membrane, spewed delight amongst the walls, And maggots seeping through the rotting wood
To ease the canvas portrait, Organs left asunder next to bones disfigured whore, Masochist she was, now brought to heaven
By my hate filled rage divine.

I gagged her mouth so violently, I teased her holes of crust and fecal disease, A defiled body shown
with no remorse. Lust, an emotion sewn to thee, As temptation rots to vaginal bleed, With your cunt now stretched for me to feed.

Sick deception, torment perception, Unleashed on this bitch hogtied, Chained to her ankles, now split-thigh razor fucked
Bloodfeast lubed and soon consumed, She screams for murder, and lust for anal gape, Begs more, pain-to-pleasure reversed
Jabbing inside her, now moaning “harder/faster”, I spray several loads inside her

Lustfully reborn, With her body strapped to the rafters, A St. Andrews Cross, Holds the flesh of submissive slutmeat
Stripped of pride, now beauty refined, The soars cover one-by-one on her body, Humiliation enticed,
As I painted her with semen all over her face

So many days, without smoking crack, Withdraw starts setting in,

I can’t stay clean, I can’t go back to jail, I can’t live in
fucked up life. I’ll kill instead, the rage calms my addiction, Never has it been so easy to quit, I’m now contempt with life, and
now a peaceful soul as long as she dies before me
So many years, of denial and withdraw, I somehow snapped into sadistic torture

And then she realized, how pain turned into pleasure
When her life hangs by single threads
Track Name: Suppressing psychological dependancy
Worms crawling in every cavity of the human body, Blood drained for slower decomposition
Axe to the face, split to the jaw in perfection, Flesh decays, and blood sprays as she shits her pants

Unfolding the arms, Of a prostitute in fates replay, Reliving that scene of fright, Bones are broken to wither in dust
Subsequent necrophilia lust, Cracked out dead junkie whore, pure death

Her mouth was gagged, And eyelids stapled shut, Bloody pupils sweating, Leaking tears, of lifeless blood
Pouring gently down her face

His fears suppressing, in a life that cares no more, When your meds are nowhere to be found… and her carcass is the next best

He smokes some crack and cleans up the blood, But saves the body for a rainy day, In a basement corner, human puppet
hangs in display. Coincidentally he find his meds 2 hours later.

Evolved, the pure decay, The death in feast by worms,
Wisdom gone, a soul withered away, From suppressed minds, a victims day arrives
Track Name: Overdose